Side Hustle Review

Side Hustle Review

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Hi guys, This is CIAN:)

Last week, I read a book by Chris Gullebeau, called Side Hustle.

Before straight into the book, I would like to talk about the Author because there is always a good story behind!

Chris Gullebeau is the New York times bestselling author of The Happiness of Pursuit, the $100 Startup and other books. A self-employment lifetime provide him the chance to visit every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday!! (This is so amazing isn’t it! I would love to do so:D) Their believes are Life, Work and Travel! (Same as mine here as you cannot miss any one the one in your life!)

So back to the book! The main idea of this book is to help you building your income stream by using your ideas within 27 days. (It catches my eyeballs already!) It focuses on the idea of entrepreneurship and the working style you should learn from.

Before you start making money, you have to familiar with your abilities, that replicating abilities that assists you to make extra income. This doesn’t mean you should quite your job and working as a full time.(X) Instead, you should take it step by step by achieving small goals daily, with a plan. In this way, you know when you will achieve it and how you are going to achieve. Moreover, the book tries to inform us that we are not focusing on copying people’s stuff but try to open up new markets, fulfilling people’s need! This is especially important and networking technology helps.

Maybe people will think why Chris (The Author) will have such an idea! Flexible time and a sense of achievement is the clue. (It touches my heart while I am reading this as working 9 to 5 kills my time especially in a robot mode. While the A.I technology and automation is a main issue especially jobs that can be replaced by them.)

When people have to make decisions, there are factors that will be considered! Economists try to explain how people make decisions by using a system called discount model(old model but can be a reference). It basically explains for each factor, there is a value in people’s mind. In this way, they can make the best decision for themselves. When making a decision in life, Chris concluded three factors – money, time and sense of achievement.

  • Money: more ways to make money, than better decision
  • Time: more time on something you want to focus
  • Sense of achievement: something you like, everything based on your decision.

People will be restricted by money and without choice, we are being forced to use our own time to exchange for money. Moreover, when working, decision making by yourself is few! That is why we have to work on the second mind with five steps:

  1. Discover the problems
  2. Learning
  3. Solving problems
  4. Needs
  5. Satisfaction

How to make it happens?

That is a good question. As I said, always takes small steps to achieve something big!! Professional skills development takes time and people said it takes 10,000 hours or more. The first question will be “Are you ready?” Is your mind ready to achieve something big, fear and different? Second, you have to become a strong problem solver with skilled sensitivity. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on how problems can be solved with positive mind set. Thirdly, you can try running yourself as a business. For a business, it is seldom focus on one income but multiple incomes. But before achieving multiple incomes, starts from a single income and become the master of that field.  Last but not least, progress takes time and procedure is important. Just like working in a factory with SOP (Standardize operating procedure), when you have the steps how you completed an activity, you can improve and increase the efficiency and most importantly minimizing your time!!

For example, when I am trying to write an article, my progress will be:

  1. Begins with an idea that I want to write
  2. Gather information
  3. Content creation (my favorite part!)
  4. Reviewing as mistake will be made
  5. Uploading

So this is it! The book inspires me a lot, not just in how your life should it be, but what things your truly want! How to make your interests and abilities to make money and achieve your goals and last contribute to more people having the same mind set!!

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Once again thank you for reading my article, I will see you guys next time:D

*** Want to get over the side!! Click here for more 🙂

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