Lifestyle starts from Coffee!!

Lifestyle starts from Coffee!!

Hi Guys, is Cian!!


Talking about lifestyle, there are lots of things rush into my mind – they are music and coffee. More specifically, I will say Jazz and specialty coffee. Both of them is a huge topic so in this post I am going to talk about coffee instead.

How did I arrive to the land of coffee. When I was in high school, Nestle was my cup of tea! The balance of the caffeine as well the sugar and milk was  the best I ever have. However, when I was studying in university; everything changed. I stopped drinking nestle for a long time as there are much more to choose from like Starbucks, Pacific and Second Cup; you name it. Remember I was in year one and walking towards Starbucks in my school with a friend, he introduced me Macchiato and after that truly discovered the beauty of coffee. Trying different types of coffee from Mocha, to Flat White (this is the one I usually drink in school because I need caffeine but not too sweat.) and Americano (you will be impressed by the coffee bean and the ratio of water and coffee:)) As a result, that period of time consolidated my background in coffee, especially the knowledge and theories behind.

Once two years after, there was a friend of mine leaving and going back to Vancouver, he left a Hario V01 to me. That really attracts me and till now still is. This is the time I started studying specialty coffee!! Discussing a lot with a friend who knew coffee and brought me to the first specialty coffee –> that is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Lamp G1.

So many things I can talk about in coffee, but for today’s topic lifestyle and coffee are the main characters. Coffee is attractive to me, not only because of its chemicals but more than how it connects to my lifestyle. I like to investigate stuffs I like and coffee does provide the emotion, the feeling for me to do so. When brewing a coffee, brews it slowly with all the information being recorded down is my habit. Brewing coffee is the time for me to relax and think, enjoy the presence moment of myself. The control of water temperature, the flow of water and the diameter of water pouring onto the coffee powders … you have to focus while brewing the coffee! This is not pressure or nervousness but enjoying things you like to do because you expect something in high quality. And this is lifestyle I will say. Coffee and my lifestyle cannot separate same as music (That I would like to talk about later:))

To point out is you have to understand what things that really interested you, attract you even there is only you who doing that stuff. It maybe music, playing instruments, coffee just like me or even video games and so on. When you find out the thing, and know how to fuse it with your life, this is how a lifestyle creates (is a later topic:)).

If you are a big fan of coffee and wants to know how I studied coffee everyday (A sheet to record down every detail of that specialty coffee), email me with subject studied coffee everyday. I will send you one!!

So this is it for today and wish you all the best:) I will see you guys in the next post



Songs I was listening when creating this post!!

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