High Performance Habits Review!!!!

High Performance Habits Review!!!!

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Hi guys, is CIAN!

Last month, I read a book about performance and how successful people perform their habits. I guess people like you will love it since it does change my daily habits when achieving my goals.

Brendon Burchard, Arthur of the book, is the number 1 New York times best selling author and one of the world’s leading high performance coach. Live, Love and Matter is his believe. Once, suffering depression and surviving a car accident at the age of 19, he asked himself  ” Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?” (Source:https://brendon.com/about/) He found his life’ purpose that is to help more people in need and share his believe.

There are something in my heart that is hard to explain especially when I am writing it with my sick and tired body. However, things that keep me awake are my dreams and passion, believing my abilities can walk a different path other than being designated.

Back to the book, how do high performance people perform well? What are their habits that will keep on producing good results and least stress with confident and healthy body!!

There are Six habits in conclusion:

  1. Clearance
    • What is your goal? What is the question or problem you are focusing? For example, if your are seeking for a second income to support your life even you don’t have to work, than building your second income is your goal. Moreover, most importantly, Who you want to be!! What’s your ability and prepared yourself, the mind set of desiring to have a better future!
  2.  Energy progressing
    • Both quantity and quality is important in achieving your goals as well as your body!!! Without a healthy body, even you are financially free, you can only stay in bed or your have to pay everything to cure yourself!! That is why positive mind set and emotion is important.
    • Remind yourself when you are transfer from one location to another, not only you body is transferring but also your feeling as well!!
  3. Necessary
    • When talking about “Habits”, is seldom related to Necessity!! Who will think or related Habits to Necessity? People get used to somethings and it becomes habits. However, some of them miss the point that that is a must and creating your own necessity is important! This is like when you want to keep fit, you must start with why! The why will give you power not doing something depending on your feeling, but something you will do voluntarily without any excuse!! This is the zeal that you want to work on.
    • Try to ask yourself, what is your why when you try to turn something into habit!!! Is it your dream? Your family or your parent or even helping others!
  4. Production
    •  Things are connected to each other, and people cannot work without energy! When you begins with your goal, staying focus is so important. The 20 hours to be good at something from the ted talk by Josh Kaufman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MgBikgcWnY) inspires me that distraction and sometimes multi-tasking is the opposite way of productivity. As we all know, work in high effective scale is one of the factors success people have. However, how do we transform to those form is a problem!! Do you know enough about yourself and your body? As myself as an example, working 9 to 5 daily is so tired and rest is a necessity for me. Therefore, to save some of my time, I will create things while walking to the station and gather information when traveling in public transportation. These period of times help as I can stay focus creating things!! One more thing, don’t forget resting is so important as it charges your body for a day of work. That is why you should aware of how many hours of sleep you need in order to help you stay in focus!
  5. Accumulate Influence
    • Everything starts with a small step just like things I mentioned in the Side Hustle reviews. This can also apply to influence. People always ask howto become a leader? When you try to help one person to achieve something and leading him/her to grow; and last they finally made it. I will say you are a leader! Is simple to become a leader but it is not easy to master. Helping people around you to grow and appreciated someone’s help does help especially area you are not familiar with.
  6. Courage
    • Last but not least, don’t be afraid to change!! Ya you are right, change is hard and takes time and you never know what the results will be; and always the result is not as good as you imagine. However, that is life!! Life is full of challenge and solving problems or other’s problem always happen. Those are things you may not experience before, but don’t worry! Recall your memory that once you were a kid and you were interested to everything around you. You wanted to try and experienced everything. You wanted to solve those problems by your ways!! These are the memories we  should get back from!
    • Moreover, learnng how to say no as everyone has 24 hours!! A clear goal helps you achieving something faster with strong attitude! Don’t afraid to be different and stepping out the common area. Ask yourself, what things you truly want and how is the life you want 5 or 10 years after. When you keep on doing and asking yourself, those are experience accumulating to once become confidence of yourself.

There are lots more to talk about in this topic and I will see you guys again in the next post discussing High performance Habits 🙂

Thank you for reading and there are lots more to come!! Contact us if you have anything you want to discuss with us. We are always here for you:)

P.S Music I am listening when creating this post!

*** Get this book right here if you want to change your habit now!

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