Continuation of High performance

Continuation of High performance

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Hi Guys, is CIAN!

There are lots of things to talk about in the topic of High Performance! But before I started, I would like to talk about my story!!

Honestly saying, I am not a high performance guy in the past. I was being scolded as  ineffective due to not completing the tasks on time (As working as a QC, you need to work so fast!!). I was struggle at that time and highly pressure with nervousness. Does not know where my problem is, I am sure nervousness and ineffective is related; but just do not know to what degree!! What I want to point out that everyone wants to work effectively; but the point is do you know what is the thing (the most important thing) that stop you from doing this! (Like the rate constant in chemistry:) that k controls the whole process)

As I am the person who feels extremely nervous when something I am not familiar with. At that time, my brain went blind! I don’t know what to do. Even  have a good habit of completing my tasks, I cannot make it works. That is my real big problem!

I decided to solve it and try to find out clues or reasons why it happens to me not others! That is the first point I will like to talk about:

  1. Practice when and ask why you are nervous! Anything happened in the past influencing your emotion. Ask yourself what emotion you are going to take when doing the new task!
    • Honestly saying, It helps!   I am a human, and human different from other animals because we have emotions! But I take emotions over that I should have when completing my tasks. This doesn’t feel good! That’s why always ask yourself should you carry those negative energy to your next tasks? or bring it back to your family? 
  2. Try defining things that is meaningful to you and revise once a week.
    • After I understand the ideas of High Performance Habits with the practice of defining what is truly meaningful to me, I am not going to waste any seconds to things I doesn’t want. Life is short, and try to imagine if you only live till 50 or maybe 40 and right now your are 23; so you only have 27 or 17 years left. Are you still going to work 9 to 5 everyday for ten years? NOOO! Why? Because there are things that much more valuable than that assuming there are. So think what is truly meaningful to you!
  3. Find out the things; the most important thing to support all you work!
    • Is it your family? Or as simple as desire to change your life! I know a friend, his dream is to hitchhiking around the world although he was being caught by the police in America! They didn’t arrest him but driving him to the closest city. What I want to say is there are numerous reasons to support things you are doing now. However, you have to find one that helps you walk till the finished line!!
  4. You are the analyst of yourself! Identify what activities are high quality, and what is not and try to put 60% of your own free time on that stuff!
    • Is kind of like impossible if you work 9 to 5 everyday! However, I am talking about your free time!! If you did read my review on Side Hustle, you will know what I am talking about! Those activities can really help you achieving the second income and somehow in the future free yourself from path that already being designated.
  5. Be a leader and help a person to growth.
    • Is easy to say than done! That person has to be fully believing in you before he or she can grow with you. As if they are not believing in you, they will question everything you suggest! They will do lots of research on things you mentioned. That is not things you want to see!! You also have to overcome barriers with them! Is like a babysitter! But if you make it to the final step, you can feel the word “proud” just like our parents! (My mentor always is my family!!)
  6. Difficulty and Fear doesn’t mean afraid, but takes it as something helping you to grow stronger!!
    • Time is short and you don’t have time to waste on thinking difficulty and fear. They are just feeling and next morning or a week after you will forget everything that can challenge you!!! Life is full of challenge and there are lots to come. Take it seriously but not permanently is the clue:)

So hope these six tips will help you improve your efficiency and I am looking forward for a “newer  you”!! As I believe, for dreams to happen, not just hope!

Anything you want to work with us or discuss with us, feel free to contact me and I will see you guys in my next post:)


P.S This is the song I am listening to while creating:) If you like Jazz, or music, you will gonna like it! Can’t think of anyone doesn’t like music!!

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