All about coffee

Anyone told you that I am a coffee addict! This mean coffee is my life!! That is why you will see me in the cafe, enjoy and chilling and daydreaming 🙂 

Coffee History 

  1. The Journey of Coffee: Origin (Ethiopia)
  2. Ethiopia’s Journey
  3. Ethiopia (Harar)

Cafe Adventure

  1. Cafe Sausalito
  2. John Choy Cafe. 2015
  3. Cafe Heato
  4. Hong Kong Cafe: INFINITI C
  5. Hong Kong Cafe: Heading Towards Brew Bros coffee
  6. Hong Kong Cafe: Brew Bros Coffee (Part 2)
  7. Hong Kong Cafe: Brew Bros Coffee (Part 3)
  8. Hong Kong Cafe: Retold Coffee. Tea. Spirits (Part 1: Name of Tsuen Wan)

Coffee Culture

  1. Ethiopia Ceremony (Living Transform)

Why Coffee?

  1. Lifestyle starts from Coffee!

Coffee interview?

  1. Nik’s Interview: Acacia Tree Coffee

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