Hi Guys, Is Cian.

It might be funny that people like me creating a website in English. Why? Because I am not a Native Speaker in English! I am from Hong Kong once a British Colony! So your expectation right here, reading my article; you may discover lots of grammar mistakes or words native speaker will use – but not here. It just came up in my mind – what is one of my goals for creating this blog or specifically a website? A nonsense reason will be to learn from native and write in native, and correct by native so one day, I can be a true Native Speaker in English! Yeah! That is one of the reasons why I start writing in English. 

So if you like to correct my grammar, or things that you think I can improve, no matter what; please feel free to leave a comment below so that I can be a better man every day! Thank you for reading it and wish everyone all the best in life:) 

In this part, I would like to share things I read, listen or have learnt that helps in the personal growth of my life! Hope you guys like it! And last, for dreams to come true, not just hope! I will see you guys around in my article:) Here is Cian and thank you for reading my article 🙂

Personal Growth

  1. Side Hustle Review
  2. High Performance Habits Review!!!!
  3. Continuation of High performance

About me

  1. A new Journey?

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