A new journey?

A new journey?

Is been a long time since I updated! One year past, what I have accomplished?

People will ask have you stop writing this blog? You lost your interest in writing coffee, things about Hong Kong and your dreams?

My answer is no! I am still in love with everything I like! Within this year, I have tried lots of things. I get to share with you guys one by one as I didn’t stop pursuing my dreams! I gathered information, with my feeling and thoughts behind so that you will understand what I am thinking!

The dream remains the same with more to add on; the place that I grew up: Hong Kong!

While balancing everything in life is not easy, keep on posting a quality blog , a good health, financing, full time job, family and friends … is hard to list them all out but you get what I mean! Life is not easy but what you get to control is your mind! Having an optimistic lifestyle helps. Don’t misunderstanding my idea that I am thinking optimistically all the time but I will rather choose the optimistic way to make myself happier!

Last year, I had been to so many cafe and all those cafe and the locations where they situated, all carries unique stories connecting the community. This is not just a place to live but a huge museum, a live museum so that all those vivid images walk in front of our eyes!

The Dr Sun Yat Sen Historical Trail is a good way to learn the bibliography of this great historical man. It includes 16 spots in the areas of Central and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. Revolution of Sun Yat-sen is a critical point that Qing dynasty was being overthrow!

I am highly recommended everyone to walk through the trail with your imagination trying to experience how he felt in front of the Qing dynasty. This is very encourage for people who are chasing for their dreams just like me!

As I believe, there is always a story behind and stories are how we connect people! In the end, I would say, for dreams to happen not just hope! I will see you guys in my next article!!

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